The crew of Elite Gaming Gear introduce their two newest recruits, share a laugh at their expense, and wax poetic about hits and misses in the entertainment industry. 

Antz and Tylis lay down the fear in this episode as they explore the horrors of game bugs, weapon imbalances and more with a few spooky tales mixed in! Gear up. Game on.

Isaias and Tylis take over the E.G.G. Podcast!

Tylis and Tristan take on the podcast, sharing their thoughts on revisiting old favorites and making new discoveries.

Tristan, Tylis, Z and Lathen chat about the spooky stuff they can't get enough of, starring Mikey!

Antz, Tylis, and Lathen return to chat about the forgotten year during the pandemic, games that kept us sane, and plans for the future.

We introduce two new members of the crew, discuss some of the uproar regarding PC launcher exclusives, and share the feels regarding the end of two incredible games. 

Lathen, Z, Josi, and a mystery guest engage in discussing movies based on popular video games.

Tre drops in to Elite Gaming Gear to visit the crew and chat with Ed, Leslie, Antz, and Lathen about E3! (Plus... there's a surprise at the end)

Lathen, Z and Ed dive into the latest gaming announcements, flash back to hijinks on the high seas, and look forward to the future of C4! Don't miss this one gamers! Gear up. Game on.

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